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Wave Energy

Posted on: 27-Apr-2018 09:29:08
Wave Energy

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we believe that renewable energy is key to keeping the atmosphere flowing. Here we discuss the importance of Wave energy and how it works across the world.

Waves carry a ferocious force with them, which are caused from wind over the surface of the water creating energy. It’s the friction from the air and the water that causes the energy, and thanks to current day technology we are able to generate electricity from this renewable energy source. With waves flowing through oceans all over the world, day and night they create a kinetic energy. There are multiple ways to harness wave energy, with one being the up and down motion of the waves captured by generators in the water. Waves are very predictable as they are a regular occurrence in every ocean, meaning it is far more predictable than other energy sources such as solar which relies on multiple factors. Having a reliable source such as wave energy is important in making sure that there are no shortages when it is harshly needed. Harnessing wave energy is one of the few that is not massively harmful to the atmosphere, whereas others often release greenhouse gases. Renewable energy sources such as wave energy do not harm land. Unlike others, wave energy is located far out into the deep sea eliminating risks of damage to land.