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Tips for hazardous waste removal

Posted on: 26-Apr-2018 11:11:29
Tips for hazardous waste removal

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we love to give helpful advice to our customers. Today we are going to be discussing the safest way to dispose of your hazardous waste. If a produce is extremely hazardous it may require a specialist team of waste removal experts to handle the job. Hazardous waste in common is larger companies and they are always upgrading their computers and other electrical equipment.

Is Your Waste Actually Hazardous? 

Hazardous waste can vary from different materials and equipment. Asbestos is a great example of a hazardous material. Asbestos can cause very dangerous medical conditions.  Batteries are another example of hazardous waste. Inside a battery, there are metals reacting with chemicals to produce power. Billions of batteries are purchased every year with each on containing lithium.

Electrical Items

Technology and electronic items play a main part in everyone’s day to day life. Electronic equipment cannot be disposed with your general waste as they are classed as hazardous due to what they contain. The harmful materials in this equipment can cause damage to the environment and us as humans.

How Dangerous is Hazardous Waste?

Some waste has the term ‘Hazardous’ for a reason... it’s dangerous. Some hazardous waste being more harmful than others. Businesses produce more waste than anyone else, which is why it’s important to keep hazardous waste separate from the ordinary waste and recycling. By having an organised system in place for your company, you’ll be more organised than ever.

Disposing of computer hard drives

The team at Leigh Skip Hire already have a blog on ‘Disposing of computer hard drives’, so feel free to check that out if you need more information. When disposing of your computer it is essential to back up your data and dispose of the hard drive suitably. Your computer probably stores a lot of confidential information that you wouldn’t want anyone else to know, so make sure to back it up before throwing it out.


How we can help at Leigh Skip Hire

Here at Leigh Skip Hire we offer skip hiring services to Basildon, Benfleet, Southend-on-Sea and other areas in Essex. Get in touch with us today if you require a skip for your trash!