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Get Recycling in the Workplace

Posted on: 25-Apr-2018 14:19:45
Get Recycling in the Workplace

Here at Leigh Skip hire we’re crazy about recycling and putting old items to good use. We offer skip hire in Basildon, Benfleet and other areas in Essex. You may put measures in place to get recycling at home but take a minute to think about how much waste you throw away in the workplace every day. If you already recycle as much as you can at work then great, but if you don’t then take a look at the information we have provided below.

When done the right way, recycling can be seen as a fun activity that everyone can take part in. It’s easy to set up and is fun to maintain once you get everyone involved. Recycling makes your workspace cleaner, as it reduces clutter of waste around you. The average office in the UK produces high amounts of waste every week.

Most office waste is made up of paper, and with this being such a delicate material it’s best that we try to reduce our paper consumption. Having your printer set to double sided is a great way to reduce your paper consumption drastically. If a print goes wrong, use that as scrap paper and notes instead of throwing it out.

If you have a bin under your desk at work, it’s not helping. It may be tempting to shove any rubbish you get into there, instead of putting it into the correct bin. Once your recycling system in the workplace is up to scratch, you can have one large bin for recycling and one for other rubbish.

If you require a skip to collect your rubbish, then visit our Homepage! We offer skip hire services to Basildon, Benfleet, Hockley and other areas around Essex. You can click here to have a look at our other blogs.