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3 Great Ways to Reduce E-Waste

Posted on: 25-Apr-2018 09:27:54
3 Great Ways to Reduce E-Waste

Leigh skip hire offer skip hire in Basildon, Billericay, Benfleet and other areas in Essex. As well as providing skips, we believe recycling and reducing waste is vital for our environment. Take a look below to find out how you can reduce E-Waste in your area.

Sell your old electronic equipment

One of the simplest ways to reduce the growing e-waste problem is to sell your electronic equipment to someone else instead of throwing it out. If everyone started doing this, the environment would be a much healthier place. If you want to you can even donate it, as long as it isn’t thrown away. If you are unsure how much to sell your old device for, there are plenty of websites that give you a good idea of how much it is worth.

Get a device that has multiple uses

A great example of this is mobile phones. Instead of buying a mobile phone and a GPS, you can use the built-in GPS that comes with your mobile phone. The majority of people do not use their GPS every day and instead is left in a drawer. By following this step, you will save money and the environment.

Use the cloud

Usually when people have data they need to store, we normally turn to memory sticks and additional hard drives. If you have a hard drive you want to get rid of, take a look at our blog ‘Disposing of computer hard drives’. By storing your data online, it also means that it can be safer.


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