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What is E-Waste?

Posted on: 24-Apr-2018 14:22:47
What is E-Waste?

E-Waste is short for Electronic Waste. This is when electrical items such as televisions and computers are thrown away. A lot of people don’t realise that these items can be reused, refurbished or even recycled. If you have items you would like to recycle, Leigh Skip Hire can provide you with the most affordably priced skip to dispose of all your items. Technology is constantly evolving faster than ever, meaning most electrical equipment becomes trash after a short period of use. A great example of this is mobile phones, as people are getting new upgrades all the time. Electronic devices are taking over any other item in landfills around the globe. This is terrible news for the environment as the majority of the electronic equipment contains harmful and hazardous materials. Almost every single electronic device around the world contains a form of recyclable material whether its metal, glass, card or plastic.

What you can do

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we try to keep the globes atmosphere as clean as possible which is why we recycle all we can that is found in one of our skips. Next time you go to throw out a piece of electronic equipment, try taking it apart to find recyclable materials or question whether it’s still in usable condition. If you are unsure of what items you can recycle, then take a look at our blog on ‘What items can go in a skip?’.