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Four fascinating facts about waste

Posted on: 20-Apr-2018 14:11:00
Four fascinating facts about waste

Did you know that the average family in the UK throw out nearly 50kg of plastic every year which could happily be recycled! If this rate carries on throughout the years, the environment will keep on going downhill. That’s why here at Leigh Skip Hire we make sure to recycle as much as we can have found in our skips. So, if you live in the Basildon/Southend area and are in need of our skip hire services then give us a call or visit our easy-to-use online ordering facility.

Somewhere around 800 billion plastic bags are used every single year around the world which equates to just under a million every hour. Plastic bags are dangerous and a big killer for our innocent sea life. A lot of our thrown away plastic bags end up in our oceans, which animals either mistake for food or get stuck in the bags.

Did you know that USA Citizens throw out around 1,000,000,000 dollars worth of cans every year? If every can in the USA was recycled, you would need nearly 20 million fewer dustbins. Currently around of 121,983 aluminium cans are recycled every minute of every day,

In London, food waste calculates to nearly 20 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions. Just by reducing the amount of food we throw out could improve the atmosphere by a huge amount.