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Maximizing waste in your skip

Posted on: 18-Apr-2018 08:05:52
Maximizing waste in your skip

When it’s time to order a skip, some people struggle knowing what size to get. Here at Leigh Skip Hire we take time to advise our customers with the perfect skip size for the job. Once you have the skip, you want to try and conserve space. This can be done in the few ways featured below!

Know the weight of your scrap

Before chucking it into the skip, filter it into piles by weight and size. Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we believe that the best order is to put the lighter items in first, followed by the heavier items. The reasoning behind this is so that the smaller and lighter items can become compact at the bottom, saving more room for the larger items on the top.

Break up large scrap into smaller pieces

When you come across a rather large piece of scrap, if possible it’s best to break it up. By doing this, you save the hassle of trying to find room later on. Not only that, but if you conserve space in your skip as much as you can, it will ensure that you don’t have to spend more money ordering an extra skip.

Choosing the correct size

When it’s time to order a skip, Leigh Skip Hire offer expert advice to our customers, ensuring that you get the best waste container for your money. Just remember that when completely unsure it’s always best to go up a size rather than down. Feel free to give us a call to discuss skip sizes further, or visit our blog page!