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Items You Could Repair, Not Replace

Posted on: 05-Apr-2018 09:27:08
Items You Could Repair, Not Replace

Over time, every item you own will degrade and eventually break. When this happens, a lot of people would turn to ordering a skip and replacing it. As time goes on the amount of repair shops in the UK is decreasing, however there are still some people around Basildon that would happily repair your items. Below, Leigh Skip Hire have provided a list of items that can be repaired to new.


Keeping clothing as good as new is a tricky task, so it’s good that they are so easy to repair. Many people throw their clothing away when it is such an easy fix, for example when a button falls off or a zipper is broken. For expensive clothing such as a suit, it will cost a lot more to buy a new one rather than repair it.


Thousands of people throw out furniture every year when there is a simple fix. Although furniture repairs can be slightly more expensive than clothing, it can still be worth it. We suggest getting a quote from someone who can repair it, this way you can figure whether it will be cheaper or not. If it works out cheaper to get a new piece of furniture, or you were planning to anyway then Leigh Skip Hire can help! Visit our online ordering system to book your skip today and dispose of your old furniture.


We all know that fine Jewellery isn’t cheap, and that’s why repairing is the best option. If your jewellery needs some work done to it, find a jeweller that can help. Repairs for this may not be as expensive as you think, mostly costing in the price range of £20-£170.

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