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Difference Between Recycling & Reusing

Posted on: 09-Mar-2018 10:55:56
Difference Between Recycling & Reusing

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we take on a role of keeping the UK clean by offering skip hiring services in Benfleet, Rayleigh, Basildon and other areas across Essex. Without skip hire, the UK would be full of scrap and unwanted waste.

­Reusable materials are items that are returned into circulation with little effort. A great example of this is large wooden pieces, as they can be sent straight away to a salvage yard to be reused. This is great for metal construction companies, as they can access their materials with ease. 

Recycled materials are ones that are made back to raw form before they are moved back into the process on making. In recycling, it is the material that is valuable instead of the product that it forms. Plastic and paper are materials that are almost 100% shredded, then melted, then moulded into a new product. 

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we ensure that all of the materials that you throw into our skips are recycled where they can be. Not only do Leigh Skips offer cheap skip hire services in Essex, but with an extremely cheap price. So, what are you waiting for? Order you skip today by using our online ordering facility or give us a call.