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Summer Recycling

Posted on: 08-Mar-2018 16:11:55
Summer Recycling

Summertime is approaching, and here at Leigh Skip Hire we are always thinking of new creative ways to keep recycling. Our aim is to make the environment a healthier place, by reducing scrap and waste in Essex. Take a look at the tips we have provided below to find out how you can have a greener, more environmentally friendly summer.


We all know that the best part of summer is getting together and having a family barbeque, but don’t you hate it when there’s piles of left-over food. Think carefully when it comes buying BBQ food, do you really need that much? If you do still end up with left over waste, be sure to use your food recycling bin.


For the picnic days out over the park or on the beach, there are many factors to consider when trying to maintain a healthy environment. Remember that if you take plastic knives and forks you must recycle them afterwards, not leave them on the floor. Not only bad for the environment, but also for wildlife as they can eat them and die. To learn more about how pollution and litter is killing our wildlife, visit our previous blogs.


Summer is a time for holidays, however even when abroad you still need to keep recycling in mind. Batteries play a huge part of destroying the environment due to what they contain. Not only to save the environment, but also your money, use re-chargeable batteries. By doing this there is no need to think about throwing them out as scrap.

If you are thinking about hiring a skip in Essex this summer, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Leigh Skips, we offer skip hiring services to Benfleet, Basildon, Rayleigh and other areas around Essex. Visit our easy-to-use online ordering system or give us a call.