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Recycling in Benfleet

Posted on: 23-Feb-2018 11:33:15
Recycling in Benfleet

Recycling in Benfleet

In this blog, we are going to be talking about recycling in Benfleet. Take a look at the information below to find out more. 

Food waste

In Benfleet, you are provided with a ‘caddy’. You get a small one to put in your kitchen for quick and easy disposal. You also get a larger one to keep outdoors, which is then put out for collection.

Pink Sack

In the pink sack, you can put:

  • household metal packaging such as tins.
  • Household plastic packaging such as milk cartons.
  • Paper
  • Cardboard

After these materials are collected, they are made into new products so that they can be re-used. If you need any additional information on recycling in Benfleet, please refer to our other blogs.

Glass Bottles and Jars

In Benfleet, residents are supplied with a box that is suitable for recycling types of glass such as bottles and jars. Many people get confused, so be sure not to recycle mirrors, windows and drinking glasses in these boxes. Alternatively, you can recycle your glass bottles at bottle banks, located around Benfleet.

Mixed Textiles and Clothes

The textiles recycling sack is capable of holding clothes, shoes, towels etc. Although this sack is specifically for textiles, it is recommended to take your old clothing to charity shops around Benfleet. See below for a few located around Benfleet:

  • Havens Hospices

143 London Rd, South Benfleet, Benfleet SS7 5UH

  • Fairdeal

592 High Rd, South Benfleet, Benfleet SS7 5RW

  • The Dream Team

The Tyrells Centre, 39 Seamore Ave, Thundersley, South Benfleet, Benfleet SS7 4EX

  • Sue Ryder Care

215 High Rd, South Benfleet, Benfleet SS7 5HZ

Black Sack

The black sack is for all of your non-recyclable items. In Benfleet, these are collected weekly with the day depending on which area you live in. Some items you cannot put into a black sack are paint, oil, broken glass, plasterboard and tyres. 

If you require a skip for your waste, give us a call or visit our website to order your skip today!