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Professional Skip Hiring Tips

Posted on: 15-Feb-2018 16:48:54
Professional Skip Hiring Tips

Professional Skip Hiring Tips 

Being the most respected and trustworthy skip hire company in Essex, we offer help and advice to our loyal customers. Take a look below to view our 5 tips when it comes to hiring a skip.


Hire your skip online

Be smart when ordering your skip! When ordering online, you save time, money and hassle! You could use our brand new, super-fast online booking system and hire a skip today! You could give us a call or let us know on our website where, when and how long for you would like the skip. 


After you have ordered your skip, do some preparation before it arrives. Consider approximately how much space you are going to need. Be sure to leave enough space around the skip, avoiding damage to other objects and making it easier to use.

Safety and Delivery

When ordering a skip, be sure to consider health and safety. Make sure you choose a suitable location for the skip to be positioned, such as a clear driveway. Avoid blocking narrow roads, pathways and cycle tracks. Leigh Skip Hire can offer the help and advice you need when deciding where to place your skip. Once the skip has been placed, please do not attempt to move it, as this can damage the skip, your property, and yourself. 

Don’t Overfill Your Skip

The biggest mistake people tend to make when using a skip, is overfilling it. Remember that it is always best to order a skip that might be too big, rather than have to order another skip because you need more room. The team at Leigh Skip Hire can help you choose the perfect sized skip for the waste you need to clear. An overfilled skip can lead to items falling out and being a hazard to pedestrians.