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Disposing of computer hard drives

Posted on: 15-Feb-2018 13:54:34
Disposing of computer hard drives

Disposing of computer hard drives 

If you have a computer or laptop that you want to dispose of, take a look at the information below as we guide you through the safest way to do so.



When disposing a computer, it is crucial to make sure that you create a backup of the hard drive. It can be dangerous if your sensitive information (passwords, emails, numbers etc.) gets into the hands of someone else. A big mistake that many people make, is just deleting the data that is on the hard drive, to then later realise that you need it. The best way to carry out a backup, is to copy the information onto a disc. Once you are sure to have a spare copy of the information, you can destroy the hard drive making it impossible for others to access the information.

Can you keep it?

When buying a new computer, many people assume that a new hard drive is needed. However, this is not always the case as your current hard drive may fit into the new computer. If this is the case, there is no need to destroy or backup the information… yet! Remember, that if you keep the same storage for now, it won’t last forever. This means that it may be a good idea to create a backup now, just in case.


Encryption is another great option to make sure no one else gets their hands on your data. This is where you encrypt your data into a code, and you need the decryption key to get the data back. Encrypting is now even easier with most companies offering self-encrypting disks.