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The process of recycling plastic

Posted on: 15-Feb-2018 11:52:58
The process of recycling plastic

The process of recycling plastic 

When it comes to recycling, plastic is the most commonly used material. Despite how common plastic is to recycle, many people do not know the process that it goes through. Take a look below, as we guide you through the process of recycling plastic.


Step One: Sorting the plastic

Immediately after you bin the plastic, the journey to being recycled begins. It is firstly collected and then taken to the nearest recycling facility to be sorted. They are ordered by type of plastic, and can be done with a machine that recognises the type of plastic, or it can be done manually. This is important as it removes all contamination that could be on the plastic.

Step Two: Shredding the plastic

After stage one, the plastic passed through a machine and shredded down into smaller pieces. This step is crucial as it makes them easily transportable and stops them getting mixed with other types of plastic.

Step Three: Cleaning

Next is step three; cleaning. After being shredded, the pieces of plastic are washed, making sure that any contamination that is still on the plastic is eradicated. While being washed in the machine, all labels and wrappers will also be removed.

Step Four: Heating

This step is when a machine applies enough heat to the plastic so that it can melt. Once melted down, the plastic can be moulded into another shape or tiny granules. Once made into these granules, they can be sold on to other companies that make plastic products. It is important to know that as this plastic has already been through the process of being re-used, they can now only be used for certain products and preferably not food containers.