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Global Warming and The Greenhouse Effect

Posted on: 13-Feb-2018 16:25:20
Global Warming and The Greenhouse Effect


Global Warming and The Greenhouse Effect

Global Warming is a serious topic and most find it tricky to understand. To briefly describe global warming, it is a slow increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally caused from the greenhouse effect (increased levels of carbon dioxide). Take a look below to see more on global warming and how we can decrease it.

Helping the environment

There is no way we can fully stop it, but there are ways we can slow it down. Try some of the solutions listed below to see how you can contribute to helping the atmosphere.

  • Reduce your water waste.
  • Walk/cycle instead of drive.
  • Invest in energy efficient appliances.
  • Recycle (Click here to see our blogs about recycling)

If you just follow these simple steps you’re not only helping the earth, but yourself.


Sustainability is key when looking after the atmosphere, but not everyone fully understands the meaning of it. The best method of sustainability is to re-use (recycle). If you recycle your items, they get used again, almost like an infinite source. You could however, just re-use the same items again at home such as bottles. Try to familiarise you and your relatives of the recycling signs and logos. By doing this, you are making recycling easier and more enjoyable for yourself. View our other blogs about recycling to find out more.

The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect is the process of temperature rising when gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the Earth’s atmosphere trap heat. The reasoning behind the name ‘Greenhouse Effect’ is because it lets in light, but does not allow heat to escape, just like a greenhouse.

Sunlight beams onto the Earth’s surface, then radiates back into the atmosphere as a heat source. Then Greenhouse Gases trap the majority of this heat, and a minority escapes into space.