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Litter is damaging our planet

Posted on: 13-Feb-2018 11:42:35
Litter is damaging our planet


Litter is damaging our planet 

As we go on, less individuals are understanding the huge impact littering has on the earth. Take a look at the information below to see the effects of this major issue and how we can prevent it together.

The act of littering

As humans, we tend to forget the ‘not so important’ things in our lives. However, recycling is not a topic to forget about, as it is a harmful act killing our planet. Many people don’t know that littering is actually illegal, but prosecutions vary from place to place. Litter is not only dangerous for the environment, but it can also cause physical accidents for road users. There are numerous types of pollution that litter can cause, ranging from ground pollution, water pollution and more!

Environmental Problems Caused from Littering

Littering is a major problem is society today, causing problems across the planet. Did you know, that over £10 billion is spent every year cleaning up litter. Just think how much time and money could be saved and put towards better use. Litter is very harmful for sea life too, such as wales and fish. Every year, innocent animals die from eating the litter left in oceans.

What Should We Do to Stop Littering?

Sadly, there are no proven solutions to stop littering, but laws are put in place to help reduce it. If you are one of the people who do not regularly recycle, you could give the suggestions below a try:

  • Pick up one piece of litter per day.
  • Hang bags around your house, so that there is always a near-by bin.
  • If you smoke always use an ashtray, then recycle the cigarette butts.
  • Take a look at our website to see more interesting information on waste.

How we help

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