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Another 5 Interesting Skip Hiring Facts!

Posted on: 29-Jan-2018 15:50:54
Another 5 Interesting Skip Hiring Facts!

Another 5 Interesting Skip Facts!


Why skips are considered more environmentally friendly than the tip

Items and materials disposed of using a skip are later recycled and turned into other useful items and materials. This can conserve the limited materials on the planet and give humans more to use later on!
As long as we continue reusing rather than wasting what we have now by using alternatives such as Leigh Skip Hire to remove unneeded items, the planet should be good to go!

Woah! One size?

Today, Leigh Skip Hire offers a range of sizes of skips from 2-14 yards. But did you know there used to be only one size of the skip? It was between 5-6 cubic yards! That doesn’t give you much freedom of choice, does it?

How much did they used to cost?

 When skips were first invented, it cost £5 and an extra 3 shillings for a day’s rental. This sounds extremely cheap compared with modern prices but it was considered a lot more expensive back then! In fact, only the wealthy could afford to dispose of waste using a skip. Nowadays, anyone can hire a skip!


Did you know that you can’t put everything in a skip? Although there’s a lot you can… there are some dangers related to some items.

-Asbestos can cause cancer. If you’re disposing of it, try contacting the government instead of doing it yourself.

-Batteries/Electronics are dangerous when dealt with inside of a skip.

-Medical Waste (needles, ect)- these can spread diseases if others come in contact with them.

-Oil/hazardous materials- Once again, these can harm those working for the skip company.

Other materials that shouldn’t be disposed of using a skip involve: Tyres, paints, fridges and plasterboard.

How to say “Skip” in Swedish

In Swedish, the word for skip is “Hoppa”

Just like hopping, skipping and jumping!