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Recycling Using a Skip

Posted on: 29-Jan-2018 15:45:28
Recycling Using a Skip

How does your skip help others?

Materials that are often disposed of using a skip involve common household metals such as aluminium, copper and steel.

These can be easily recycled and used again! Aluminium and steel can easily be shredded and melted down after being collected by Leigh Skip Hire then turned into new items that can continue the cycle!
Why waste and lose when you can skip and reuse?

Copper is a little more complicated since it’s used in wiring and piping: it must be graded and refined. Damaged metal may affect the later conductivity.


What can my recycled materials create?

The answer is… lots of things!
Drinking cans, cars, boats, planes… These can be used by others which conserves natural materials rather than wasting them and not using them again.

Copper can go back into piping as well- that’s certainly not a waste!

Remember: it may not just be metal that you’re recycling. Plastic? That can be reused! Paper? That too! Skips are mainly used for building materials…. but who says that you can’t have plastic furniture?


Why is it worth using a skip to recycle and reuse?

Simple! You’re helping the environment. We don’t have unlimited materials unless we continue reusing the old ones.

Leigh Skip Hire can help you do that! It’s a much better alternative than using a tip to dispose of your old metals and plastics… skips are friendly to the surrounding areas!

By using Leigh Skip Hire, you can save energy, save money (with cheaper recycled products), protect the environment and conserve resources!

All for hiring a skip instead of taking it to the tip!