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How to look after your skip

Posted on: 29-Jan-2018 15:33:16
How to look after your skip

How to look after your skip

Now that you’ve hired your skip… what can you do to maintain it? Natural wear can cause your skip to become damaged and conditions around it (such as rough ground or heavy waste) can cause some wear and tear. What can you do to fix this?

Fixing rust on your Skip

Here’s where you’ll need more detailed repair. For this, it may be ideal to hire a company to weld some metal for you to replace what’s currently there and ruined.

Look for a company nearby that can repair and replace rusted skips and be sure to use an experienced and professional team rather than do this yourself!

Painting your Skip

Be sure to use a type of paint that is compatible with metal. Some companies might offer skip-specific paint which would be perfect!

Of course, you’ll need to get the same colour paint as the skip was originally. You don’t want to ruin it further! JCB yellow is the “traditional” (and legal!) skip colour but you might find some in other colours such as orange or green (in easy to see areas).

Dents, Wear and Tear

For dents, wear and tear, your skip won’t need too much work! A little bit of restoration should be all that’s required to repair your woes. Depending on the extent on the damage, you may need to order some spare parts. Otherwise, a little paint job or filler should do the trick!