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5 Interesting Facts about Skip Hiring

Posted on: 16-Jan-2018 09:39:25
5 Interesting Facts about Skip Hiring

At Leigh Skip Hire, we believe that skips are an essential part of keeping the environment clean. Take a look at these interesting facts on skip hiring.

Skip colour and lighting

According to the Highways Act set in 1971, all skips had to be coloured yellow as it was said that they were easier to see in the dark than other colours. Now, you may see other coloured skips such as orange or green, but they must be easy to see. Some newer skips now feature lighting to make them easily seen in dark or bad weather conditions. These lights are usually placed on the corners and are primarily flashing amber.  

First appearance of Skip Hiring

Skips first started making an appearance in England in the 1960’s after being originated in Germany. When they were first produced they were expensive, and non-accessible to people who lived in small streets or villages. 

Skip Safety

When hiring a skip, you may need to consider a few things regarding safety.

Safety is key when using a skip. Please consider where you are going to be placing the skip and make sure it is not blocking driveways or roads.  Another thing to consider is what size skip you require, as ordering a size too small can lead to overfilling. Doing so can cause waste to fall out of the tip and onto roads and pathways. Also, when the skip is ready to be taken away, the driver may not be able to lift it. Modern companies such as Leigh Skip Hire provide safe and professional skip hire services in Basildon and surrounding areas in Essex.

Where can I hire a skip?

If you are based in South East England, then Leigh Skip Hire are the company to use. We provide skip hire services in Basildon and surrounding local areas. We also insure that you get the best services at a great price! Our staff are highly trained and work in an efficient way to provide the best skip hire services.

The name ‘Skip’?

Have you ever wondered where the name ‘skip’ originated from? It came from the Old English Language, originally from the word ‘skep’ which referred to a basket.