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Skip or Tip?

Posted on: 12-Jan-2018 14:25:24
Skip or Tip?

Here are some of the reasons as to why you ought to hire a skip over going to your local tip around Basildon. You may think it’s easier loading your car full of your dusty unwanted items ready to take off to the tip however, here are the pros and cons:

Cons of the tip

  • 2 years ago, The Guardian published an article reporting that ‘Over 1,000 old landfill sites on the coasts of England and Wales are at increasing risk of being breached by erosion, according to a new study, posing a serious pollution danger to wildlife and bathing waters.’

This still has damaging effects on the environment today due to the rotting organic matter on landfill sites which has resulted in an increase in global warming. Read more

Pros of the skip

  • Hiring one of our skips is a much cleaner way of disposing your dusty unwanted items as well as saving you the journey or potentially multiple journeys to your local tip. More practical then cramming your car full of rubbish and having to sort through it is having a skip located just outside your home!
    Take a look at our range of skip options here at Leigh Skip Hire.