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Lets get recycling in Basildon

Posted on: 09-Jan-2018 14:04:25
Lets get recycling in Basildon

In this blog, we’re counting down the Ten things you never knew you could recycle here in Basildon. Recycling is becoming a huge problem with the average UK householder producing over a tonne of waste every year, it is a problem that is getting better however, there are still many things that people don’t realise they could be recycling instead of throwing away into one of our skips!

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  1. Cosmetics- Did you know that some companies such as MAC Cosmetics have programmes where they will give you a free lipstick of your choice when returning six of their packaging containers such as tubs and other containers. Read More
  2. Bras- Yes men, this one’s for you. Did you know Frip Ethique (a program run by Oxfam) send bras and other items of clothing to Senegal, there the local woman sell these items to market traders who invest the profits into fighting poverty and helping the local economy. Read More
  3. Tights- Let’s get creative. Arts and crafts to cleaning and gardening here are some great ways to repurpose an old pair as you can see in this post.
  4. Carpeting- You can either drop off your carpet to be recycled or even better get a company such as the Carpet Recycling Group to come and collect it from you. More About Carpeting Recycling Groups
  5. Glasses- There are organisations such as Lions Clubs International who take your old glasses and redistribute them to people in need across the world. More About Recycling Glasses
  6. Mobile Phones- According to MusicMagpie, there are between 1-3 unused phones sitting in the average UK household. More About Recycling Mobile Phones
  7. Shoes - The United Shoe Recycling Company are a great company who happily give your unloved shoes a new home. More About Shoe Recycling
  8. Wine Corks- Get creative and look at the cool stuff you can do with corks. More AboutWine Cork Recycling
  9. Energy Saving Light Bulbs- Programmes such as Recolight are great ways to allow you to recycle your low energy light bulbs when they burn out as well as taking your bulbs to your local Homebase store, where you can safely and conveniently drop them off. More About Energy Saving Light Bulbs
  10. Bicycles- Rather then just letting them sit in your shed or garage going to waste, why not take them to a charity such as Re-Cycle, who collect and donate bikes to help children in Africa travel to school. More About Recycling