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Leigh Skip Hire’s Christmas Quiz - Answers!

Posted on: 11-Dec-2017 10:31:13
Leigh Skip Hire’s Christmas Quiz - Answers!

Leigh Skip Hire’s Christmas quiz true or false? 5 things you never knew about skips and 5 things you never wanted to know about skips.

If you haven’t looked at the questions yet, then click here first!

  1. TRUE – The first modern-style skips and waste-holding carts in London were imported from Germany in the 1960s. Until then, the Brits had been using hand-loaded tipper wagons which demanded more effort, held less and were far more expensive.
  2. FALSE – Dwayne Johnson never appeared in a TV advert for Skips, however, during the 1980s British wrestler Giant Haystacks (real name: Martin Austin Ruane) certainly did, closing with the line, "Dainty aren't they?".
  3. FALSE – Michael MacIntyre did not trip off the stage and into a jump-rope instructor but after turning 40 his wife did ask him to attend some fitness classes and skip the odd meal!
  4. TRUE – Back in the day, this was a considerable sum of money so hiring a skip for £5 would have actually been a luxury available only to those more comfortably off. Extended rental cost an additional 3 shillings each day and to have the rubbish taken to a landfill site cost an extra 7 shillings.
  5. TRUE – In 2006, a pair of Cornish skip drivers were shocked to discover the World War II naval artillery shell. The Royal Navy’s bomb disposal squad were called and determined that the shell was still live. They successfully carried out a controlled explosion in a nearby quarry. If the bomb had been detonated in the skip, it would have sent shrapnel flying for thousands of metres and into the nearby petrol station!
  6. FALSE – Peter Sellers did not spend two months living in a skip. However, in 1996, two old film canisters containing the long-lost 1957 Peter Sellers films, Death of a Salesman and Insomnia is Good for You were rescued from a skip outside the now-defunct production company, Park Lane Films by the building’s manager, Robert Farrow.
  7. TRUE – According to the 1971 Highways Act, all skips had to be coloured yellow as it had been proven that yellow is more visible than white in the dark. Today, skips are allowed to be other colours, however, they do have to be well-lit and marked. Many modern skips also feature lights
  8. FALSE – ‘Hop, Skip & Jump’ was not considered for use in the 1996 Dr Who movie starring Paul McGann. It is, however, a fantastically catchy song.
  9. TRUE – The 5 paintings, originally worth over £100 million were said to have been stolen from the Paris Museum of Modern Art by a gang of thieves. In spite of destroying the art in an attempt to escape, they were caught shortly afterwards.
  10. FALSE – ‘kip to My (The) Lou’ was an American partner-stealing dance from the 1840s. The "lou" in the title comes from the word "loo", a Scottish word for "love".