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Recycling Information
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Recycling in Basildon

Posted on: 07-Dec-2017 10:54:04
Recycling in Basildon

Recycling in Basildon

Some people in the UK, do not recycle because they find it confusing. To make it easier, we’ve made a list of what and where you can recycle.


Black Sack

Black sacks are for general house waste that is non-recyclable. In Basildon, these are collected weekly. If you are concerned about what you are allowed to put in a black sack, it is all items that cannot be put in a pink sack, orange box or green bin. Make sure to not put hazardous materials in the black sacks.

Pink Sack 

These pink sacks are collected weekly and are suitable for plastics, paper and card, metals, and textiles. If you are unsure on what you can and cannot recycle, please refer to our previous blog.

Orange Box 

The orange box is collected every 2 weeks, and is capable of holding bottles and jars. Be sure to refer to our previous blog if you are interested in what types of glass you cannot recycle.

Green Bin

The green bin is collected weekly and is suitable for garden and food waste. These bins are not suitable for flower pots, soil and pet waste.


Places to recycle in Basildon


Glass Bottles and Cans

Here are some locations of bins that hold glass bottles and cans in Basildon.


104 Lincoln Road, SS14 3RA

Whitmore Way, SS14 3JT

Chalvedon Square, SS13 3QX

Whitmore Way, SS14 2NN                

Church Road, SS16 4AG

Junction of Malyons and Felmores, SS13 1PP

Opposite 553 Long Riding, SS14 1JW

Crest Avenue, SS13 2EF


Domestic Batteries

Here are some locations of bins that can hold batteries around Basildon.


Whitmore Way, SS14 2NN

Paycocke Road, SS14 3GH

Northlands Pavement, SS13 3DU

Pitsea Garden Centre, SS13 3JU

Southernhay, SS14 1AZ         



Here are some locations of textile bins around Basildon.


104 Lincoln Road, Essex, Basildon, SS14 3RA

Junction of Timberlog Lane and Gibcracks, SS14 1PE

Whitmore Way, SS14 3JT

Whitmore Way, SS14 2NN

Crest Avenue, SS13 2EF


Your rubbish, is someone else’s treasure!

Scattered around Basildon, are charity shops that would be more than happy to take your unwanted items. Instead of throwing out clothing and other items that you no longer need, please take them into a charity shop! Here we have provided a list of charity shops available in Basildon.

British Heart Foundation – Located in Eastgate shopping centre, Basildon.

Cancer Research UK – This charity shop is along East Walk, Basildon.

Salvation Army Charity Shop – Located along E Walk, Basildon.

Scope – 77 Southernhay, Basildon