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What can I fit in a skip?

Posted on: 03-Nov-2017 16:44:37
What can I fit in a skip?

What can you fit in a skip? Leigh Skip Hire’s guide to skip sizes

So, you’ve got a clear some waste but you don’t know how big a skip you need. As Brian’s mum said, ‘Is it too big? Is it too small? Will the girl’s like that?’ Well, you’re not going to impress anyone by blowing your budget on a giant, half-empty skip you can’t stuff or having to hire a second one when you run out of space because the first is too small. We’ve been supplying containers to trade and domestic clear-outs across Essex for many years so when it comes to filling your tank, we’ve seen it all. What you want is to hire the smallest, and therefore cheapest, skip that will be large enough to take all of your rubbish comfortably, and with our easy explanation of skip sizes, you’ll be able to do just that and save a few quid to boot.


A Guide To Skip Sizes


2 Cubic Yard Skip Size

This is the beautiful baby of our refuse collectors but it’ll hold more than just dirty nappies! Standing at a tiny two cubic yards, this handy little cauldron is something of a little monster, holding up to 6.5 wheelie bins worth of waste. It’s ideal for smaller projects and for those with a limited amount of space to store the skip. Junior will sit nicely on the driveway or can be tucked-up tightly outside your home without upsetting the neighbours. We often deliver this mini skip to the snugger roads in Basildon, Vange and Pitsea as it squeezes in to just about anywhere. This size of skip is the best choice for quick garden clean-ups and home clear-outs and it comes with a low price to suit.

3 Cubic Yard Skip Size

Our 3-yard skips are the slightly larger brother to our 2-yard baby, and can carry around 9.5 wheelie bins worth of waste. The increased dimensions of this box are better suited to those who have a larger area to park the skip while in the cleaning process. However, it is still sleight enough to avoid being a huge obstruction so still perfect for domestic projects and it can still fit down most of those tighter Basildon and Laindon roads.

4 Cubic Yard Skip Size

The 4-yard skip is usually hired out for medium-sized projects – larger domestic projects and very small building projects. Holding approximately 13 wheelie bins of rubble and trash, it perfectly balances capacity and affordability.

5 Cubic Yard Skip Size

This is the smallest container we’d suggest for heavy, bulky items of lumber and junk metal. It’s measurements are well suited to the smaller building project, this represents a nice, cheap skip for builders and tradespeople.

6 Cubic Yard Skip Size

For slightly bigger/medium-sized building projects, you should be looking at 6-yard skip. For just a little more money you get higher walls, a longer base and a far greater capacity. It can store around 19 wheelie bins full of waste and is something of a beast, hungry for your landfill!

8 Cubic Yard Skip Size

The 8-yard skip size is designed for large building projects disposing of weighted soil and generously bulky objects into the skip. They hold a whopping 26 wheelie bins of scrap and are strong, sturdy and cost-effective for bigger construction sites.

10 Cubic Yard Skip Size

Finally, we have the giant of our collection – our immense 10-yard skip. The vast volume of waste that the wider dimensions can hold is huge. At nearly 32.5 wheelie bins of refuse capacity, this behemoth is a waste-storing monster. Builders beware – if you drop your Thermos in this whale, it’ll be lost to the depths forever.

Skip sizes – a guide. Further Information On Waste Skip Dimensions

For more details or advice on which skip size is right for you, call Leigh Skip Hire on 01702 430570. We offer the best skip hire prices in Basildon, Laindon, Pitsea, Vange, Rayleigh and all around the Essex area. We also have our super easy-to-use online ordering system, so it couldn’t be quicker to have a skip delivered to your doorstep.