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Removing waste via skips

Posted on: 02-Nov-2017 11:08:09
Removing waste via skips

What is a skip?

A skip is defined as a large movable container with an open top. Uses for skips generally fall under the classification of waste products. They are generally used on building sites to contain the debris that pile up during the construction work. Skips can hold tonnes in weight of rubbish thus making it an effective way of trash removal.

Why should someone use a skip?

Those seeking to remove large quantities of waste items should do so via skips. A skip is ideal for the removal of objects that one no longer requires. It is a simple way of removing ones rubbish without having to spend valuable time and (depending on the kind of litter) possibly causing risk to oneself removing the debris by oneself. The removal of waste is a crucial business to society and why do it oneself when a team of professionals can be employed to safely dispose of the detritus?

Flaws of using skips

Unfortunately one cannot just put anything into a skip. Many skip companies forbid the use of;

  1. Explosives- They can potentially cause harm, extending to that of a fatal variety, to those disposing of the items in the skip, oneself or passers-by.
  2. Gas cylinders- There are chances of a high level for remaining contents in the cylinder which skip companies are not licensed to deal with.
  3. Medical waste- This form of waste can be of high danger levels to skip workers as medical waste can range from surgical needles (which can pass on infections if they penetrate the skin) to biological garbage, which can be animal pathogens, faeces, bodies, skin and disposable objects soiled with human blood or fluids.
  4. Tyres- tyre disposal is difficult and time consuming which is why skip companies forbid customers from using skips as a means to get rid of tyres.
  5. Fuel- Highly flammable and therefore a serious hazard to those disposing of the garbage in ones skip as well as those who may come in to close proximity with the skip.
  6. Electrical equipment-
  7. Asbestos- A greatly hazardous metal that can cause cancer among other diseases. The government has laws concerning the disposal of this metal.

Among over things. These items are difficult to dispose of even without the skip and are banned due to safety reasons.

Company to use

Companies such as Leigh Skip Hire are offering skip hire services in Basildon. Skip hires deposit the garbage in skips in an environmental manner, something which is becoming increasingly more important in recent times. Skips are essentially an easy way to get rid of scrap. However it can be costly, particularly if you are aiming to place ones purchased skip in ones road. For this, one would require permission from your local council. This permission can usually be obtained through the Skip Company, but if you want waste to be removed appropriately then a skip company such as Leigh Skip Hire can facilitate this requirement.