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You are responsible for your skip!

Posted on: 20-Oct-2017 15:24:38
You are responsible for your skip!

An issue Basildon residents may be faced with when hiring a skip is fly tipping, whether kept on private or public land. There were 711,000 reported incidents of fly tipping last year costing the UK economy £36.4 million (DEFRA) most of which were domestic waste items. If you want to report a case of fly tipping follow the link . You are solely responsible for the waste put into your skip.

The irresponsible and illegal practise of fly tipping can be dangerous as you do not know exactly what has been thrown into the skip. Prevention would be to consider a cover for your skip especially if it is kept on site overnight. Alternatively, you could pay for a closed skip that can be locked. This would also stop any dust and light debris being blown out the skip. Councils including Basildon, normally allow permits to be arranged on your behalf by the skip provider and these state that your skips should be kept in the following way:

  • Not blocking entrances/exits to buildings
  • Not blocking/covering any utility access points e.g manhole covers
  • Not placed within 15metres of a junction
  • May need a parking suspension if the skip is on yellow lines or pay and display bay.