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What items can go in a skip?

Posted on: 20-Oct-2017 15:17:24
What items can go in a skip?

Some of Basildon residents maybe not aware that there are a list of items that cannot be put in a skip. Some less obvious than others. Banned items include fridges, tyres ,asbestos, plasterboard, batteries, tvs/electronics, paints/solvents, clinical/medical waste, oil & hazardous/toxic material.

A lot of people when hiring a skip do not have the room to place it on their own land so you ill need permission from the relevant person or authority who owns the land before the skip is delivered. It is the law for any skip left on the pavement or public highway (e.g your road) to have a license. Basildon like the majority of councils allow the skip hire companies to apply for these licenses on your behalf, so you do not have to worry.

Strangest items dumped in a skip include a WW2 Artillery Shell, a 1930s HOG Motorcycle (only 65 ever made and worth a fortune), a caravan, a modern art heist worth over £1,000,000 found lying in a skip in Paris and finally a coffin dumped in a skip near Norwich, fortunately with no body inside!