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Posted on: 27-Apr-2018 14:29:40

Leigh Skip Hire are all for recycling and disposing of waste in a way that is healthy for the environment. If you haven’t already started recycling your trash at home, it’s not too late whatever excus

Posted on: 27-Apr-2018 09:29:08

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we believe that renewable energy is key to keeping the atmosphere flowing. Here we discuss the importance of Wave energy and how it works across the world.

Posted on: 26-Apr-2018 11:11:29

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we love to give helpful advice to our customers. Today we are going to be discussing the safest way to dispose of your hazardous waste. If a produce is extremely hazardous it

Posted on: 25-Apr-2018 14:19:45

Here at Leigh Skip hire we’re crazy about recycling and putting old items to good use. We offer skip hire in Basildon, Benfleet and other areas in Essex. You may put measures in place to get recycling

Posted on: 25-Apr-2018 09:27:54

One of the simplest ways to reduce the growing e-waste problem is to sell your electronic equipment to someone else instead of throwing it out. If everyone started doing this, the environment would be

Posted on: 24-Apr-2018 14:22:47

E-Waste is short for Electronic Waste. This is when electrical items such as televisions and computers are thrown away. A lot of people don’t realise that these items can be reused, refurbished or eve

Posted on: 24-Apr-2018 09:49:25
Fun Ways to Reuse Your Household Items

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we offer skip hire services to Basildon, Southend-on-Sea and other areas in Essex. As much as we love to use a skip and recycle, we have done some research on how you can

Posted on: 23-Apr-2018 15:54:31

In this blog we have provided all the information about recycling waste in Basildon. In Basildon your pink sacks and orange boxes of rubbish are collected weekly, with the day depending on which area

Posted on: 20-Apr-2018 14:11:00

Did you know that the average family in the UK throw out nearly 50kg of plastic every year which could happily be recycled! If this rate carries on throughout the years, the environment will keep on g

Posted on: 18-Apr-2018 08:05:52

When it’s time to order a skip, some people struggle knowing what size to get. Here at Leigh Skip Hire we take time to advise our customers with the perfect skip size for the job. Once you have the sk

Posted on: 17-Apr-2018 15:04:49

Virtually anywhere you go in 2018, plastic is found with the majority of it being food and drink rubbish. Over 35 million tonnes of plastic waste are thrown away each year, and only around 10% of this

Posted on: 05-Apr-2018 10:36:14

Skip Hire is not always the answer. If you have a broken piece of furniture in your home, it is sometimes best to repair it other than replace it. If you live in Basildon, Essex and are looking to get

Posted on: 05-Apr-2018 09:27:08

Over time, every item you own will degrade and eventually break. When this happens, a lot of people would turn to ordering a skip and replacing it. As time goes on the amount of repair shops in the UK

Posted on: 04-Apr-2018 15:07:53

We know the feeling of having bags of garden waste piling up in your garden, that you don’t know what to do with. Leigh Skip Hire offer skip hire services in Benfleet, other areas in Essex.

Posted on: 09-Mar-2018 14:45:24

Leigh Skip Hire believe it is crucial that our clients know the safety regulations when hiring a skip. We offer skip hiring services to Benfleet, Basildon and other areas in Essex. If you don’t have a

Posted on: 09-Mar-2018 10:55:56

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we take on a role of keeping the UK clean by offering skip hiring services in Benfleet, Rayleigh, Basildon and other areas across Essex. Without skip hire, the UK would be ful

Posted on: 08-Mar-2018 16:11:55

Summertime is approaching, and here at Leigh Skip Hire we are always thinking of new creative ways to keep recycling. Our aim is to make the environment a healthier place, by reducing scrap and waste

Posted on: 01-Mar-2018 12:00:20

Leigh Skip Hire are the number one trusted skip hire company in Essex. We offer the lowest prices on skip hiring services in Essex, without compromising the quality of our service.

Posted on: 26-Feb-2018 15:31:12

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we believe it is key to make sure our customers get the best value for their money. Take look below at how you can reduce your skip hiring cost in Benfleet.

Posted on: 23-Feb-2018 16:10:27

Here at Leigh Skip Hire we believe efficiency is key, and that’s why we have created this handy list of builders located in and around Benfleet.

Posted on: 23-Feb-2018 15:15:11

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we believe that composting is excellent for your garden. If you are looking to start home composting, then take a look below at the information we have provided.

Posted on: 23-Feb-2018 11:33:15

In this blog, we are going to be talking about recycling in Benfleet. Take a look at the information below to find out more.

Posted on: 15-Feb-2018 16:48:54

Being the most respected and trustworthy skip hire company in Essex, we offer help and advice to our loyal customers. Take a look below to view our 5 tips when it comes to hiring a skip.

Posted on: 15-Feb-2018 13:54:34

If you have a computer or laptop hard drive that you want to dispose of, take a look at the information below as we guide you through the safest way to do so.

Posted on: 15-Feb-2018 11:52:58

When it comes to recycling, plastic is the most commonly used material. Despite how common plastic is to recycle, many people do not know the process that it goes through.

Posted on: 15-Feb-2018 10:45:28

Plastic products are one of the most commonly found waste types in oceans today, and is actually one of the biggest killers of marine animals.

Posted on: 13-Feb-2018 16:25:20

Take a look below to see the effects of global warming and the greenhouse effect, along with how we can reduce it.

Posted on: 13-Feb-2018 11:42:35

As we go on, less individuals are understanding the huge impact littering has on the earth. Take a look at the information below to see the effects of this major issue and how we can prevent it.

Posted on: 13-Feb-2018 09:41:52

Leigh Skip Hire can reduce the amount of wasted… waste. Just hire a skip with us today, from 2-14 yards, and we can save the environment by doing our bit!

Posted on: 13-Feb-2018 09:36:56

Here at Leigh Skip Hire, we can recycle your waste rather than, well, waste it. It’s so much friendlier for the environment.

Posted on: 13-Feb-2018 09:29:16

Fly Tipping: the illegal dumping of waste. With so many containers and options available to remove your rubbish, it makes you wonder why people continue to leave it all on fields.

Posted on: 29-Jan-2018 15:50:54
Another 5 Interesting Skip Hiring Facts!

Items and materials disposed of using a skip are later recycled and turned into other useful items and materials. This can conserve the limited materials on the planet and give humans more to use!

Posted on: 29-Jan-2018 15:45:28

Materials that are often disposed of using a skip involve common household metals such as aluminium, copper and steel.

Posted on: 29-Jan-2018 15:40:21

Natural conditions will gradually wear down the quality of your skip but there are some things you can do to slow down this process!

Posted on: 29-Jan-2018 15:33:16

Now that you’ve hired your skip… what can you do to maintain it?

Posted on: 16-Jan-2018 14:27:42
Why use Leigh Skip Hire?

We are located near Basildon, Essex offering cheap skip hire in Basildon along with other local areas. It is our job to assist customers, by providing skips at an affordable price.

Posted on: 16-Jan-2018 09:39:25

At Leigh Skip Hire, we believe that skips are an essential part of keeping the environment clean. Take a look at these interesting facts on skip hiring.

Posted on: 12-Jan-2018 14:33:34
Hiring a Skip in Basildon

If you're thinking about hiring a skip in Basildon, then you’ve come to the right place!

Posted on: 12-Jan-2018 14:25:24
Skip or Tip?

Here are some of the reasons as to why you ought to hire a skip over going to your local tip around Basildon.

Posted on: 09-Jan-2018 14:04:25
Lets get recycling in Basildon

In this blog, we’re counting down the Ten things you never knew you could recycle here in Basildon.

Posted on: 11-Dec-2017 10:31:13
Leigh Skip Hire’s Christmas Quiz - Answers!

Leigh Skip Hire’s Christmas quiz true or false? 5 things you never knew about skips and 5 things you never wanted to know about skips

Posted on: 11-Dec-2017 09:50:36
Leigh Skip Hire’s Christmas Quiz

Leigh Skip Hire’s Christmas quiz true or false? 5 things you never knew about skips and 5 things you never wanted to know about skips

Posted on: 07-Dec-2017 10:54:04
Recycling in Basildon

Some people in the UK, do not recycle because they find it confusing. To make it easier, we’ve made a list of what and where you can recycle.

Posted on: 03-Nov-2017 16:44:37
What can I fit in a skip?

You'll be surprised what you can fit in a skip

Posted on: 02-Nov-2017 11:08:09
Removing waste via skips

Those seeking to remove large quantities of waste items should do so via skips. A skip is ideal for the removal of objects that one no longer requires.

Posted on: 20-Oct-2017 15:24:38
You are responsible for your skip!

An issue Basildon residents may be faced with when hiring a skip is fly tipping, whether kept on private or public land. There were 711,000 reported incidents of fly tipping last year costing the UK e

Posted on: 20-Oct-2017 15:17:24
What items can go in a skip?

Some of Basildon residents maybe not aware that there are a list of items that cannot be put in a skip. Some less obvious than others. Banned items include fridges, tyres ,asbestos, plasterboard, batt